Canada Online Poker | Top 3 Sites

Canada online poker has enjoyed growing popularity over the years. This is evidenced by more and more players scouting for web-based casinos that accept Canada-based players. Canadian players like Isabelle Mercier, Gavin Smith, Daniel Negreanu and others who became professional poker players had extensive experience playing online games.

Here are the top three sites that cater to Canada online poker enthusiasts.

888 Poker

This is a great choice for Canadians. It has interesting bonus offers, easy games round the clock, and frequent promos. It is part of the 888 network and allows users from other brands within the network to log into a single poker room. That is why it is possible to share a single table for tournaments and for cash games. The site offers a wide selection of no-limit Hold'Em cash games, no-limit Hold'Em tournaments, and limit HoldEm.


This web-based establishment is recommended for gamers who are eager to play with famous players mentioned above such as Isabelle Mercier and Daniel Negreanu. Similar to 888, this site has an abundance of no-limit Hold'Em tournaments and cash games, as well as limit HoldEm. The site is highly recommended for gamers who are into stud, mixed games or Omaha since it offers the best games and provides plenty of options.


Bodog is another top choice for Canada online poker gamers. Like the other two sites mentioned, it offers lots of no-limit HoldEm gaming options. However, limit HoldEm offerings are not as diverse as what the other two establishments have.

Managing banking transactions are easy for members residing in Canada. Funding an account in any of the three sites discussed above can be done using credit cards. In addition, customers can do so via several e-wallet systems available such as NETELLER, Moneybookers, and a host of other brands.