What to Expect at the Foxwoods Poker Resort

The Foxwoods Poker Resort is located in Ledyard, Connecticut and offers people from all over the world the opportunity to have fun and win big. It offers one of the largest poker rooms in the country which is home to 114 tables and a wild range of games being dealt at different hours during the day. Hold'Em, of course, is one of the most popular and it can be found in many different styles here.

Rakes and Time Collections

Most casinos simply seat a dealer at the table and collect a rake from each pot, but the Foxwoods Poker Resort is a bit different in how it operates. A rake is often applied to no limit games, but when it comes to high no limit action - such as that enjoyed by high rollers - time collection is generally the favored method. This simply means that someone collects a fee for the time that players are seated; maybe $20 for every hour depending upon the stakes. A floor manager will typically walk around and take the time as scheduled.

Tournaments and Events

There is always some sort of tournament going on at Foxwoods Poker Resort, but they do host a few professional ones in which people from all over the country - and sometimes the world - participate. These include the New England Poker Classic in the spring and the World Poker Finals that occurs each fall. The latter has a $10,000 buy-in no-limit event that people flock to.

Traffic and Wait Time

As one would expect, such a high-profile resort often has a lengthy waiting time when being seated at a table. The traffic itself often depends upon the unpredictable New England weather with shorter waits when the weather outside is nice. On weekends and when it is particularly nasty out, you can expect to wait several hours for a seat, so it will do you well to arrive early on these days.

While it might be fancy and host many prestigious events, this resort is still a great place to take a vacation, a honeymoon, or just to enjoy a weekend getaway.