Learn How You Deposit at US Poker Sites to Save Time and Hassle

If you want to know how you deposit at US poker sites, there are plenty of different options from which you can choose. The absolute simplest way to get funds into your account, hands down, is with your credit card. However, in about 20% of cases, these are rejected due to laws put in place back in 2006. If this is the case, all is not lost; users can typically get the payments to go through by contacting the support team.

Electronic Checks

When learning how you deposit at US poker sites, remember that electronic checks are generally only used in legal state-run poker sites such as in New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada. International offshore companies used to accept them, but it was actually the players that put a stop to that by cancelling the checks or stopping payment after losing the funds by gambling long before the funds ever made it into the casino owner's hands.

Electronic Wallets

Electronic wallets are another option, but these are few and far between. Most of the ones that are accepted by casinos are not available in the US, and those that are available in the US are typically not accepted by these gambling establishments. So, what do you do? You can access NETeller most of the time and many of the sites out there accept this form of payment, but be prepared to verify your identity beforehand.

Processing Withdrawals

Now that you know how you deposit at US poker sites, it's important to understand how you can get your hands on your winnings. Bank wires are the best way to get your funds if the casino will allow them because they are safe and typically quite fast. However, if this is restricted for any reason, you can request a paper check. Keep in mind it may take some time to get to you, but once you have it, your bank should cash it without hassle.

Funding your poker account does not have to be a difficult task, and it will be a lot less time consuming if you know what to expect beforehand.