When mucking cards, be certain of your enemy's hands

Ideally, a player should just be mucking cards during a showdown if he is certain that it's a losing hand, and there is only one way to be certain and that is by seeing his opponent's hands that are also drawn in the pot. Once you decide to fold or muck your hand without being sure that it is totally lost, it is very much likely that you will lose a big amount.

At times, if players become hopeless during the match, they muck their hand before being sure they lost. But in fact, there would be instances when very weak hands would take pots with a reasonable amount. Little benefit will be derived from mucking hands before being sure it is lost during a showdown, but you can develop your bankroll if you learn to be patient.

Mucking A Champion To Prevent Embarrassment

Mucking cards during a showdown are usually done when the winning potential has little value compared to that of protecting a player's image. There are players that will choose to muck a 79 suited deck if they believe they will lose rather than let their competition see that they did not have a substantial hand. If you feel that other players think you have weak hands, it can be beneficial to just let them wonder.

Mucking A Loser

When you are sure that you have a losing hand, there will be instances when it is better to expose it rather than mucking cards quickly. You can get dividends after the game if you give your opponents the notion that you have a strong hand. For example, if QJ is lost to AQ, you can make the perception that you prefer strong hands by exposing your hand following your opponent. This strategy will be largely dependent on the quality of your hands, that is, if you are really playing tight or you have a valid excuse to make your opponents think that you prefer strong hands.