New Jersey Online Poker

Next to Last Vegas, New Jersey is another favorite destination of poker players. It is common knowledge that gambling activities started in the Atlantic City. However, more than a hundred years before casinos came up in the 1970s, local residents had been engaged in horse racing at Monmouth Park. Betting on horse racing was later ruled illegal so the industry shut down not long after.

New Jersey online poker has been widely enjoyed by gamers. If you are in the Garden State planning to create an online poker account, it would serve you well to familiarize yourself with the sign up process and the regulations governing this game.

Compared to New York, NJ rules on creating online poker accounts are less restrictive for NJ-based players. If a web-based casino site accepts US-based players, then NJ residents are also allowed to register.

For a more enjoyable and hassle-free gaming experience, it is a good idea for New Jersey online poker players to know NJ gambling law. These particular sections of the State Statutes would be helpful: Gaming transactions unlawful (2A:40-1); Definitions (2C:37-1) which provides the standard definition of gambling; and Promoting it (2C:37-2, 2C:37-2(a(2))), among others. An online copy of State Statutes are available.

Similar to Nevada's law on gaming, the state focuses more heavily on the operator instead of the player. However, the state's provision on promoting gambling gives a very thin line between being a player vis-‡-vis one that promotes such activities.

Although it may be time-consuming to compare several web-based gaming sites, finding the best New Jersey online poker rooms will guarantee a rewarding and fulfilling gaming experience. These web-based gaming sites have land-based casinos as well since the state's gambling legislation limits the issuance of licenses to operators who have land-based sites.

While it is true that Las Vegas is the ultimate destination for poker players, the state, particularly Atlantic City, is likewise popular among gamers. In fact, the city was the backdrop for the movie Rounders. Also, it is in NJ where game legend Phil Ivey originally resided and started to hone his playing skills.