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The world of online gambling is ever-changing, and part of the entire experience involves what new frontiers might be available to customers in the future. That is why it is absolutely imperative to be apprised of the latest news as it affects the industry, because the consumer is ultimately touched by this as well.

That is why Grizzly Gambling, the most authoritative site when it comes to online gambling for Canadians, has a section that covers the legal, political and regulatory aspects of the industry. The objective of the site is to provide a comprehensive one-stop for the kind of news that impacts gambling from around the world.

So why would Canadians be interested in what is happening anywhere else? Because whether it is a country, state or province, governments tend to study and emulate regulatory models of other governments, and consequently that which is in operation in one place may find itself implemented elsewhere. That may be true more than ever right now, as the Canadian provinces, which not only license but engage in de facto operation of online gaming operations, are watching what happens with state-by-state regulation that is being instituted in the United States. With Grizzly Gambling, you'll follow this every step of the way.

There is something of a new era unfolding as we speak, as various states in the U.S. are coming to the realization, or at least have the notion, that revenues that can be derived from taxing online gambling profits could be of use. New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware are among these states. Of course, within these states there are going to be differing regulations, although generally speaking, those who are currently licensed by those jurisdictions are going to have an "inside track." But they will also enlist the help of organizations that have done this kind of business in the past, and so it is worthwhile to keep up with these trends, because not only does it affect whether an American might have legalized internet gambling in his or her state, but which offshore gambling companies may be in business in the United States. And as we mentioned, the residual impact in Canada and other areas is always a possibility.

Much of the online gambling news in the future may involve whether sports betting can be accepted into the mix of regulated and licensed activity. New Jersey, in an effort spearheaded by Gov. Chris Christie, is defying existing federal law and intends to issue licenses to existing Atlantic City casinos and racetracks. Legislators have, in the recent past, expressed their intention to expand their legalized internet gaming across state lines, and one can only wonder what other states might do if sports betting proves very successful. If there is something breaking on this front, you can count on Grizzly Gambling to have it covered from all angles.

If it is something that can affect the consumer from the legal or political point of view, you can find stories at this site that will have you right on top of things.